How CypherTech’s SafeSpace is revolutionizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs in organizations?

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Thanks to the worldwide #MeToo movement and increasing instances of social injustices, organizations are rethinking how they develop and encourage a more equitable and inclusive culture. SafeSpace was born out of a need to ensure employees feel safe and supported, and organizations have the means to hold individuals accountable for unruly behavior. As a result, diverse organizations become more transparent, more inclusive, and better prepared to protect and support all members of their communities.

SafeSpace is a comprehensive employee reporting solution consisting of an anonymous employee reporting tool and case management solution along with investigation, counseling, and coaching services. It is designed to be a safe space for all employees to speak and share their concerns. Because many workplace environments consist of structured hierarchies, harassment and discrimination can be commonplace but rarely discussed. SafeSpace aims to dismantle these unjust systems.

Credit: 2018 Hiscox Workplace Harassment Study™

Problems in the Workplace are Deep-rooted
Studies have shown 75% of employees have experienced retaliation when speaking out against workplace mistreatment or harassment, while 45% of employees have witnessed harassment among their coworkers. These stats along with the recent high-profile case of the whistleblower at Facebook, highlights the pervasiveness of hostile working environments and the reluctance of employees to say anything about it. If employers really want to make a difference and reduce the frequency of workplace harassment, they need to better understand when it’s happening, to whom it’s happening, and the circumstances that have allowed harassment in the workplace to exist.

Harassment in the workplace can include several offenses from blatant sexual harassment to bullying, to discrimination, to simply creating a culture of fear and silence. SafeSpace allows any employee, regardless of their title, managers, or duties to anonymously report workplace harassment and discrimination.

Changing Workplace Culture Takes Dedicated Time and Efforts
SafeSpace acts as a neutral, third-party intermediary to listen to complaints about any number of issues that contribute to a hostile workplace. The SafeSpace team then works directly with the organization where harassment has occurred. The priority for SafeSpace is to protect whistleblowers by never asking for identifying information upfront.

Unlike the usual process of filing a complaint with HR, SafeSpace does not require the victim to share any identifying information. If you are a victim of an incident in the workplace or have witnessed workplace discrimination, simply share your complaint using a convenient QR code that connects you with a SafeSpace case manager over a chat. A SafeSpace case manager will work with you to help you understand your options and how best to proceed. If warranted, the SafeSpace case manager will conduct a thorough investigation. As a third-party intermediary, SafeSpace eliminates any potential biases from influencing their investigation. Once the investigation is complete, your SafeSpace case manager will help you understand your options and next steps. Apart from reporting and investigation, SafeSpace is committed to the well-being of employees’ mental health and development through anonymous counseling and coaching. With the anonymity of the platform, SafeSpace aims to tackle head-on the reluctance and shame in asking for help while going through a crisis. Click here to learn more about SafeSpace workflow.

While one report on one event is helpful, workplace culture will only improve with a prolonged focus on making positive changes. Working with SafeSpace means you’ll have access to detailed, monthly reports on the number of cases of employer harassment, sexual harassment reports, and other job harassment complaints. SafeSpace is a ground-breaking tool to help your organization be more systematic about harassment reporting. Therefore, you’ll create a more transparent, more equitable work environment.

Sexual harassment and discrimination at work are all too common but taking the initiative to file a complaint can be intimidating or feel pointless. What will one complaint change? SafeSpace is changing these attitudes.

SafeSpace provides the opportunity for employees to speak up anonymously to report workplace issues, ask for help, and receive counseling and coaching. With SafeSpace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are simpler to implement with actionable measurement of your employee experience.

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